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We have put together a range of services you will require if you have French speaking employees or planning to.

Training in French for French speakers

French staff who have been trained in English only tend to use a French that sounds artificial and awkward. They can follow scripts but when asked questions outside the script their French can become stiff and doesn't send the right message expected from outstanding Customer Service Agents. Our Workshops and Trainings in French give your French speaking staff the tools and the words they need to better serve your customers.

Script adaptation

Call centers environment and certain industries require the use of scripts. Even though most of them convey the right message, those in French, often adapted by employees themselves, do not carry a message as strong as in English. We adapt your scripts written in English into powerful scripts in French adapted to your French market.

Language testing of new/future employees

You have been looking for a new French speaking employee and you seem to have found her/him. Now, all you need to do is to make sure that promising candidate has the language skills she/he claims to have. We assist you in testing the French knowledge and proficiency of the candidate who interests you. This can easily be done over the phone. We also test writing proficiency.

Checking of French references

You put a lot of efforts in finding the perfect match for your company. We know hiring new employees can be time consuming and not every HR Department counts a French speaking person able to check references of future employees who worked in French speaking parts of the world. We check French references from Quebec and Europe.

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