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Whether you want to brush-up your French, become more confident when speaking French or need to get that natural fluidity for everyday work purposes we have the right workshop for you/your colleagues.

Our French Conversation Workshops take place in the form a thematic conversation at your premises.

Benefits of our workshops:

  • Improve pronunciation
  • Expand vocabulary
  • Develop comprehension
  • Improve grammar
  • Develop self-confidence
  • Strengthen ability have a natural conversation in French
  • Extend knowledge of the French culture
  • Quebec French and Parisian French available

Why choose our workshops:

  • 2 levels of language proficiency to challenge but not overwhelm participants (Intermediate and Advanced).
  • 7 participants maximum so each person contributes its fair share to the conversation while benefiting from the dynamic of the group.
  • Emphasis on industry terminology and real work situation simulation.
  • Trained instructors specialized in teaching French for business purposes.
  • Placement test to make sure participants are in the right group level.
  • Customized content and approach to make sure our workshops match the specific demands of your industry/company.
  • Flexible schedule (Our workshops can start as early as 6.00am).

We also offer the following workshops:

Introduction to French Protocols:

A 2-hour-workshop that explains the dos and don’ts of behaving in a restaurant, during a meeting and of doing business with French clients.

French Intercultural Workshop:

A 6 weeks x 2 hours workshop that will prepare you for your coming trip to France

  • gain invaluable knowledge about French systems and business practices
  • understand the behaviors of your French counterparts
  • apply principles for effective intercultural negotiations
  • establish and build successful working relationships

Please contact us to discuss how your organization can benefit from our Workshops.

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